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Prevention of gynaecological cancers: in memory of Mario Sideri

29 Apr 2015
Guest Editors: S Chiocca and MT Sandri

This special issue is dedicated to the memory of Mario Sideri, a leading visionary who understood long before others the importance of HPV in the development of cervical cancer.  The issue reflects Dr Sideri’s dedication to the field of preventive gynaecology and encompasses contributions from many of his colleagues and close friends. It is clear that we live in a very exciting time in the field of cervical cancer and pre-cancer and so we hope this synopsis of where we are today in the field of cervical cancer and its prevention will be a useful reference tool.

Apart from HPV screening and vaccination papers, the special issue touches on the causes of cervical cancer, the biology behind the disease, markers of progression and how to recognise and treat pre-cancerous lesions.

All the articles are available in both Spanish and English.

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Watch Guest Editor Dr Susanna Chiocca discuss the various articles in the special issue.

Special Issue Articles

Domenico Mattoscio, Chiara Casadio, Marzia Fumagalli, Mario Sideri, Susanna Chiocca
Massimo Origoni, Paolo Cristoforoni, Guia Carminati, Chiara Stefani, Silvano Costa, Maria Teresa Sandri, Luciano Mariani, Mario Preti
Silvia de Sanjosé, Raquel Ibáñez, Vanesa Rodríguez-Salés, Mercè Peris, Esther Roura, Mireia Diaz, Aureli Torné, Dolors Costa, Yolanda Conet, Yolanda Canet, Gemma Falguera, Maria Alejo, Josep Alfons Espinàs, F Xavier Bosch
Mario Preti, Sarah Igidbashian, Silvano Costa, Paolo Cristoforoni, Luciano Mariani, Massimo Origoni, Maria T Sandri, Sara Boveri, Noemi Spolti, Laura Spinaci, Francesca Sanvito, Eleonora P Preti, Adriana Falasca, Gianluigi Radici, Leonardo Micheletti
Paola Simona Ravenda, Maria Giulia Zampino, Nicola Fazio, Massimo Barberis, Luca Bottiglieri, Susanna Chiocca
Silvano Costa, Simona Venturoli, Massimo Origoni, Mario Preti, Luciano Mariani, Paolo Cristoforoni, Maria Teresa Sandri
Raffaella Ghittoni, Rosita Accardi, Susanna Chiocca, Massimo Tommasino