Journal Charges

ecancermedicalscience is an open access journal, meaning everything published with us is free to read, forever.

We ask authors to pay an article processing charge (APC) to cover the costs we incur in preparing their article for publication (around £1000 per article).

However, we understand that not all authors have grants which fund the payment of all, or even part of the publishing fee, and this is why we operate a ‘donate what you can afford’ model.  ecancermedicalscience is supported by the ecancer Global Foundation, a UK registered charity, so all publication fees go straight to the Foundation and we do not make a profit from them.

This means that if your article is accepted we will ask you to tell us how much you are able to donate.

We will still publish articles from authors for free who do not have access to funding, as long as their work passes the peer review process.

In this way, we can carry on publishing research from low and middle income countries and from authors who have little or no funding, but those authors who have access to funds for publication are able to pay for the professional publishing services they have received.

Please note, articles submitted by industry or medical education companies are subject to the full APC of £1000.

Find out if you are eligible for funding to pay for publishing

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for funding for open access publication, see SHERPA/JULIET for a list of research funders' open access policies. 

More and more organisations provide funding to enable researchers to publish their articles in open access journals. 

What’s included in the processing fee?

Professional publishing services, including management of the peer review process, editing, typesetting, online publication and in some cases translation are included.

All authors retain the copyright of their articles so are free to distribute them wherever they wish after publication (as long as the original publication in ecancermedicalscience is cited).

So far we have helped over 4000 authors publish for free or at very low cost.

Fee exemptions

Authors without funding for publication are exempt.

Authors of editorials, commissioned reviews and special issue articles will be exempt.

Please contact us if you have any queries at all regarding the publication fees.



We offer a fast, reasonably priced reprint service and can deliver anywhere in the world. Please email if you would like to order reprints of any of our articles. 

How ecancermedicalscience is funded

The journal covers its financial costs through charity, sponsorship and grants - it is supported by the ecancer Global Foundation, a UK registered charity.

The Umberto Veronesi Foundation, the European Institute of Oncology Foundation and Swiss Bridge are the key founding charities of the journal.