Journal Charges

ecancermedicalscience is an open access journal, meaning everything published with us is free to read, forever.

We publish research from low- and middle-income countries and so far have helped over 4000 authors publish their work.

We understand that authors do not always have funding and grants available to them, which is why we run a ‘pay what you can afford model’ (PWYCA). All monies from this initiative go straight to the ecancer Global Foundation and we do not make a profit from them.

For authors who don’t have funding for publication, there are options for accessing funding detailed below. If you are not eligible for any of this funding, the article processing charge (APC) will be covered by the ecancer Global Foundation.

Please note, articles submitted by industry or medical education companies are subject to the full article processing charge.

Options for funding:

More and more organisations provide funding to enable researchers to publish their articles in open access journals. 

To assist authors in navigating the funding landscape, we recommend the use of:



  • What is an APC?

            APC stands for article processing charge. This is £1000 per article.

  • What’s included in the APC?

           Professional publishing services, including management of the peer review process, editing, typesetting online publication and in some cases translation are included.

  • How does the PWYCA work?

           If your article is accepted, we will ask how much you are able to donate and our finance team will take care of the details. 

  • What happens if I can’t donate?

           We will still publish articles for free from authors who do not have access to funding, as long as their work passes the peer review process.

  • How is the ecancer Global Foundation funded?

           ecancer is a UK based charity and is funded through donations, sponsorship and grants.

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