Sharing knowledge, improving patient care

"To make major reductions in premature deaths from cancer, innovative education, and training opportunities for healthcare workers in all disciplines of cancer control need to improve significantly, particularly in lower-middle-income countries"  World Cancer Declaration

ecancer's mission is to raise the standards of care for cancer patients across the world through education.

We believe that receiving the best possible cancer care is a fundamental human right.  However, all too often healthcare professionals come up against financial, linguistic and geographical barriers to accessing the highest quality knowledge about how to treat people with cancer.

In response to this problem, ecancer was founded in 2007 by two inspirational oncologists, Prof Gordon McVie and Prof Umberto Veronesi. 

They created as a free online platform which would allow everyone to share and benefit from new discoveries and developments.

Every month ecancer supports tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide to learn new skills, update their knowledge and improve the care for their patients with cancer.

Help us improve cancer care

“If we stopped research entirely and never spent another dime on finding new cures, we could still save thousands of lives by doing one thing – breaking down barriers and sharing the knowledge that already exists.” @DrBiden at @startuphealth

ecancer is a UK charity (registered charity number: 1176307) which passionately believes every healthcare practitioner should have the tools they need to give their patients the best possible care.

To fund our work we rely on donations from organisations and individuals.

Any donation, however small, contributes directly towards the costs of creating and sharing free oncology education. Together we can get better outcomes for patients by tackling global inequalities in access to the results of cancer research.

You can donate directly via paypal or if you would like to talk to us first, you can email or call  44 (0)117 909 4608.

How you benefit from ecancer

Through ecancer you can access a vast knowledge bank covering every cancer type and treatment modality, developed in partnership with leading global experts to meet regional educational needs.

Our resources are available online, free of charge, whenever the time is right for your schedule.

open access research Open access research

Over 4,000 authors have published articles in our journal (ecancermedicalscience) and their knowledge and research is available for you to read on an open access basis. On average articles from the journal are read over 65,000 times per month helping share vital developments in cancer care. 

open access research Video resources and conference coverage

There are over 8,000 videos from global experts who have shared their insights into key developments in cancer care and which are available for personal learning and for use as teaching aides. 83% of people who have rated our videos indicate that the videos will improve their clinical practice or research.

open access research CME accredited elearning

For a more interactive educational experience, our accredited elearning provides you with case based learning with life-like patient scenarios in multiple languages.  Over 91% of the thousands of individuals who have taken our elearning say it has improved their patient care. 

open access research In-person training

ecancer runs free or low cost educational events across the world. Over 7,000 doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have accessed practice changing knowledge through our event programme in Latin America alone. On average 91% of delegates would recommend ecancer events.

open access research News

We also publish all the key news in cancer care from across the world, giving busy medical professionals a single place to keep up to date. 

open access research Patient education

Patient education is also vitally important to the improvement of care globally. provides the latest developments in cancer care in a patient friendly format.

open access research Resources in Spanish

Finally, many of our resources are available in Spanish on our Spanish language website. Authors can also submit articles to our journal in Spanish and receive free translation to publish in Spanish and English