Case Report

Liver failure due to relapsed myeloma and hepatic iron overload

30 Apr 2020
Chakra P Chaulagain, Adalberto Gonzalez, Isaac Goldszer, Luis Caraballo, James E Hoffman, Leah Elson, Maria-Julia Diacovo

Multiple myeloma is a hematologic malignancy that classically manifests with hypercalcaemia, renal insufficiency, anaemia and lytic bone lesions. Liver dysfunction in multiple myeloma is a lesser known complication that occurs through biliary obstruction, liver infiltration by plasma cells, amyloid/light chain deposition or due to liver injury from medications. Although transfusion-related hepatic iron overload—leading to significant liver disease—is a recognised complication in certain hematologic malignancies, little is known about transfusional iron overload in patients with multiple myeloma. We present a case of a 49-year-old female with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma who presented with rapid onset liver failure, due to both iron deposition and malignant plasma cell infiltration of the liver as a terminal event. A review of the literature on hepatic complications in multiple myeloma patients is presented.

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