What does NICE approval for Oncotype Dx in breast cancer mean?

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Published: 31 Oct 2013
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Prof Justin Stebbing - Imperial College London, UK

Prof Justin Stebbing from Imperial College, London, UK, comments on the September 2013 NICE approval of Oncotype Dx to guide breast cancer treatment decisions.

He explains that the prognostic and predictive scoring system estimates recurrence of breast cancer in post-menopausal, ER , HER2- women with no positive nodes.  This means that, based on a patient’s individual gene panel, this assay uniquely determines whether chemotherapy is suitable. 

Prof Stebbing explains how the scoring system works, and how it supports routine decision-making.  He also comments on how the Oncotype Dx score will be incorporated into routine clinical practice based on the NICE approval.

Finally, Prof Stebbing outlines the challenges that such tests bring to clinical practice, eg, in less clear cut patient groups.