The TARGIT-A randomised trial: TARGIT-IORT versus whole breast radiation therapy: long-term local control and survival

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Published: 9 Mar 2023
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Dr Jayant Vaidya - University College London, London, UK

Dr Jayant Vaidya speaks to ecancer about long term survival and local control outcomes of TARGIT-A a randomised clinical trial which studied single dose targeted intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) during lumpectomy for early breast cancer.

The further analysis of TARGIT-A showed a sub-group analysis among individual breast cancer subtypes. Researchers have also developed an online tool with a risk adapted approach to help people determine which treatment course may be best for each individual breast cancer patient. It was also found that IORT helps to protect against deaths from other causes such as heart attacks for breast cancer patients.

Dr Jayant Vaidya concludes by highlighting how these results will impact the future treatment of breast cancer.

Read the full study here.

Visit the TARGIT website here.

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