Rationale for routine use of IORT for early breast cancer and data for specific indications

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Published: 29 Jun 2023
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Dr Hans-Christian Kolberg - Marienhospital Bottrop gGmbH, Bottrop, Germany

Dr Hans-Christian Kolberg presents his talk on the 'rationale for routine use of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) for early breast cancer and data for specific indications' at the "Choosing Wisely Nigeria 2023” congress, held on the 30th of March 2023.

He outlines the use of IORT in clinical routine examining the background and results of a variety of clinical trials such as the TARGIT-A trial.

Dr Kolberg also presents the use of IORT in specific indications using his own data and experiences after over 1000 cases.

He concludes that in selected patients IORT can today be offered as the only radiation which does not compromise the oncological outcomes.

However, the possible beneficial effect of IORT on non-breast cancer mortality requires further investigation.