Case Report

Late recurrent urothelial carcinoma in the Studer neobladder: conversion to continent reservoir

13 Sep 2012
AF Kotb, M Alkosiry, N AbdElkawy, MA Atta

Bladder cancer represents a considerable issue in Egypt and the Middle East. Radical cystectomy and orthotopic neobladder represent the standard of care for managing cases with invasive bladder tumour. There are few cases reported in the literature considering the urothelial recurrence in the urethra, connected to neobladder. We are presenting a rare case of a young female patient, with an aggressive urothelial tumour, recurring 13-year post-radical cystectomy, and the Studer neobladder. Our case was managed by urethrectomy and conversion of the neobladder into continent reservoir, with good short-term oncological and functional outcomes. We can conclude that bladder cancer cases should be followed thoroughly throughout their life. Follow-up urethroscopy and cytology should be done for all cases of post-radical cystectomy, regardless of patients’ symptoms.

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