Impact of lymph nodal stage on gallbladder cancer survival after extended cholecystectomy and adjuvant radiochemotherapy: long-term results from an oncology institute, Chile

22 Apr 2021
Manuel González-Domingo, Benjamín Omegna Lafuente, Álvaro Rojas Luca, Pablo Kirmayr Zamorano, Pablo González Mella

Introduction: Gallbladder cancer (GBC) is one of the most important causes of cancer death in Chile.

Materials and methods: A retrospective review of 103 patients with a diagnosis of GBC who were treated with surgery and adjuvant radiochemotherapy (RT-CT) was carried out at the Oncological Institute of Viña del Mar, Chile. Of these, 56 underwent surgery with oncological criteria, in which the impact of lymph node involvement and prognostic factors for survival were analysed.

Results: The median follow-up was 47.5 months. The 5-year survival of the patients operated on with oncological surgery was 55%, and for those resected without oncological criteria, it was 32% (p = 0.02). Regarding the impact of lymph node involvement, 5-year overall survival (OS) in patients with compromised lymph nodes was 32% versus 68% for patients without compromised lymph nodes (p = 0.006). Five-year OS in patients without involved nodes, with 1 involved node or with>1 involved node was 68%, 44% and 12%, respectively (p = 0.0002). The N ratio was grouped in 0, <10% and ≥10%. Five-year OS was 71%, 0% and 24%, respectively (p = 0.003). There was no evidence of differences in survival with respect to the number of lymph nodes studied.

Conclusion: Our data provide information regarding the importance of lymph node involvement in patients with GBC undergoing surgery with oncological criteria and adjuvant RT-CT. In the absence of randomised studies, it is suggested to have a more aggressive therapeutic approach in those patients with two or more involved nodes or with a lymph node ratio >10%.

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