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Myeloid sarcoma of the breast: a pathology that should not be forgotten

21 Dec 2020
Luca Nicosia, Antuono Latronico, Mariagiorgia Farina, Anna Carla Bozzini, Paola Baratella, Viviana Enrica Galimberti, Stefano Fiori, Marta Montesano, Enrico Cassano

Myeloid sarcoma (MS) is a rare neoplasm, represented by a tumoural mass composed of myeloid blasts, occurring at any anatomical site other than the bone marrow. MS is considered the tissue-based equivalent of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), requiring the same therapeutic specification, independently from the association with previous or coexisting myeloid neoplasms. Isolated breast involvement by MS is exceedingly rare, with only exceptional cases reported in the literature. This work aims to provide a pictorial essay of the main features of breast involvement by MS. Even though it is a rare condition, we should not forget this neoplasm, and its possibility of being disguised by the AML, as it requires prompt treatment.

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