Image Report

A pictorial review of the less commonly encountered patterns of metastatic prostate carcinoma

21 Dec 2020
Maria Gosein, Laura Mohammed, Adrian Chan, Alexander Sinanan, Renee Banfield, Paramanand Maharaj, Dylan Narinesingh

Usually late in the course of advanced prostate carcinoma, atypical nodal and distant metastases may be encountered. Accurate characterisation of disease spread and assessment of disease response have significant treatment and prognostic implications. Surveillance imaging, therefore, along with clinical and biochemical parameters, is a key factor in directing appropriate management. Atypical metastases may also require histological re-evaluation, as they may indicate differentiation into aggressive histologic subtypes, which can lead to management alteration. We present a pictorial review of the less common patterns of metastatic prostate carcinoma, to aid in timely recognition and diagnosis.

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