Special Issue

Knowledge, preferences and willingness to use at-home prostate and colorectal cancer screening tests in African American and Haitian men

25 Oct 2021
Alexandra Jean-Louis, Fern J Webb

Haitian (HA) and African American (AA) men have the highest prostate cancer (PCa) and colorectal cancer (CRC) age-adjusted mortality rates compared with other racial/ethnic groups worldwide. One contributing factor to mortality differences is that a low percentage of age-eligible HA and AA men screen for PCa and CRC, even when healthcare access and insurance are available. Reasons for cancer screening disparities may be differences in knowledge, preferences and willingness in HA and AA men. However, limited information exists on whether HA and AA men are knowledgeable about and are willing to be screened for PCa and CRC. Moreover, understanding preferences and willingness of HA and AA men to use cancer screening tests completed at home is of paramount importance given the current pandemic. We used a cross-sectional study design to assess HA and AA men’s knowledge, preferences and willingness to use at-home PCa and CRC screening tests. Survey items were developed from existing surveys assessing CRC knowledge and willingness to screen. Institutional Review Board approval was obtained to invite persons who identified as male, at least 18 years of age and Black (as either AA and/or HA) to complete the survey. A total of 36 Black men completed the survey; 42% self-identified as both ‘African American’ and ‘Haitian’ (AA/HA), 44% identified only as AA, and 14% identified only as HA. Regardless of race or ethnicity, 75% of all participants were 45 years or younger (range: 18–85). Although more than 80% of all participants heard about PCa and CRC, only 50% of participants aged at least 50 years old were screened for CRC. The majority of participants (AA/HA = 67%; HA = 80%; AA = 56%) were unaware of at-home CRC screening tests; however, 80% of AA/HA men and 60% of HA men were willing to use an at-home CRC screening test compared to 44% of AA men.

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