Mortality assessment of patients with pancreatic cancer in Mexico, 2000–2014

7 Dec 2017
Omar González-Santiago, Myrna L Yeverino-Gutiérrez, María del Rosario González-González, Ruth Corral-Symes, Pilar C Morales-San-Claudio

The five-year survival rate remains low for pancreatic cancer (PC). The objective of this study was to describe PC mortality rates in Mexico and its seven socioeconomic regions. The data for the deaths were obtained from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography databases. The adjusted rates were calculated using the world standard population. During the study period, the average mortality rate was 4.29 per 100,000 inhabitants. By gender, the rate was 4.35 and 4.29 per 100,000 inhabitants for men and women, respectively. Socioeconomic region 7 had the highest mortality rates. There was a significant decline in mortality rates in all of the groups.