Phase 3 study shows HER2 therapy clinically meaningful for metastatic breast cancer patients

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Published: 5 Jun 2022
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Shanu Modi- Memorial Sloan Ketting Cancer Center, Manhattan, USA

Dr Shanu Modi presents her findings from a phase 3 randomised study, known as DESTINY-Breast04, investigating trastuzumab deruxtecan versus treatment of physician’s choice in patients (pts) with HER2-low unresectable and or metastatic breast cancer.

She discusses and outlines the methodology of the study. 

Dr Modi then goes onto to explain the results and key findings which were that DESTINY-Breast 04 is the first phase 3 trial of a HER-2 directed therapy in patients with HER2-low mBC to show a statistically meaningful benefit in PFS and OS compared to the standard of care treatment, regardless of HR status, with a generally manageable safety profile.

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