Journeying together: spousal experiences with prostate cancer in Ghana

11 Apr 2024
Evans Osei Appiah, Ezekiel Oti-Boadi, Ninon P Amertil, Rosina Afotey, Honest Lavoe, Isabella Garti, Awube Menlah, Eric Kwesi Ntiako Sekyi

Background: Prostate cancer (PCa) is a significant global health concern for men. In Sub-Saharan Africa, PCa rates witnessed a 69% increase from 1990 to 2010. Despite this, there is a dearth of literature examining the experiences of spouses of men with PCa in Africa, as the majority of studies concentrate primarily on men.

Methods: The study used a qualitative exploratory design, conducting in-depth face-to-face interviews with a semi-structured guide. Participants were selected through purposive sampling, with 35 recruited. Data was recorded, transcribed verbatim, and analysed using content analysis, resulting in 2 themes and 11 subthemes.

Results: The research revealed that spouses providing care for husbands with PCa faced notable effects on their physical and emotional well-being. Notably, they reported experiencing leg pains due to prolonged sitting by their partners, as well as disruptions in sleep and a loss of appetite triggered by the hospital smell.

Conclusion: Women encounter challenges in caring for their partners with PCa. Understanding these experiences will contribute to improving public support and assistance. Future studies should concentrate on developing interventions to help them cope with these challenges.

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