Outcomes of patients with anal cancer treated with definitive chemoradiation: A single centre experience

15 Jan 2024
Mirza Rameez Samar, Bakhtawar Masood, Nida E Zehra, Tahir Munir, Misbah Younus Soomro, Muhammad Arif Hameed, Insia Ali, Yasmin Abdul Rashid

Background: Anal cancers are uncommon neoplasms that make up to <1% of all tumours globally. Concurrent chemoradiation remains the standard of care treatment for patients who present with non-metastatic anal squamous cell carcinomas (ASCCs).

Methods: We aimed to evaluate the response rate and 2-year survival outcome of the definitive chemoradiation approach in patients with non-metastatic ASCCs of our population. We conducted a cross-sectional review of these patient populations who were treated and then followed after completion of treatment at our institute during the last 10 years.

Results: A total of 17 patients were enrolled after fulfillment of the eligibility criteria. The responses were documented in 16 patients through magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography of the pelvis, done at 3 months of treatment completion. More than 80% of the patients had complete radiological responses. Among the surviving participants, the 2-year disease-free survival rate was found to be more than two-thirds. Approximately 20% of the study participants had disease recurrence during the subsequent clinic visits following treatment completion.

Conclusion: This review emphasises the impact of definitive chemo-radiation in achieving radiological and clinical responses in patients with non-metastatic ASCCs. Moreover, to our knowledge, this is the first review to highlight anal cancer’s incidence and characteristics in Pakistan.

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