Implementing precision oncology in Latin America to improve patient outcomes: the status quo and a call to action for key stakeholders and decision-makers

8 Jan 2024
Eva Maria Ruiz de Castilla, Maurice Mayrides, Haydée González, Francisco Vidangossy, Tatiana Corbeaux, Nancy Ortiz, Claudia Amaya, Alexandra Nuñez, Diego Fernando Jimbo Jimbo, Adela Ayensa, Mayra Galindo, Karla Ruiz, Juan Manuel Pérez

Background: The advent of precision oncology (PO) has revolutionised diagnostic and follow up strategies and improved clinical outcomes for cancer patients. However, socio-economic inequalities in the level of implementation of PO in different countries is a prevailing issue. To improve this situation, the Latin America Patients Academy has gathered the recommendations of healthcare professionals and social civil members experienced in cancer management from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina regarding the areas that need to be prioritised to improve the access to PO in Latin American (LATAM) countries.

Methods: This manuscript is the culmination of a series of educational campaigns and panel discussion aimed at improving the implementations of PO in LATAM that took place from June 2021 to January 2022.

The status of PO in Latin America: the level of PO implementation is generally low with some exceptions. The number of clinical trials and articles published with keywords related to PO from LATAM countries is drastically lower than in Europe and the United States. Despite sharing many complex challenges, progress is taking place in some countries in the region.

Focus areas defined by the expert panel: The expert panel determined the areas of PO that should be improved by LATAM countries to improve its implementation through cancer care plans, educational programs and collaborative strategies. These initiatives should increase awareness about PO in the region and eventually improve cancer control in the region.

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