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Application of Rupantaran software to Sri Lankan hospitals: an innovative tool developed to merge population-based cancer registry data into CanReg5

25 May 2023
Pratik Sawant, Suraj Perera, Kelaniyan Godage Nirmala Jayanthi, Ahamed Ismail Ahamed Ziyad, Sushama Saoba, Morten Ervik, Leslie Mery, Freddie Bray, Rajesh Dikshit, Atul Budukh

The purpose of a population-based cancer registry is to provide information on the disease burden for cancer control planning and is essential in studies on assessing the effectiveness of prevention, early detection, screening and cancer care interventions, where implemented. Sri Lanka is one of the Member States of the World Health Organisation’s South-East Asia Region and receives technical support for cancer registration from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the IARC Regional Hub based at the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai, India.

For data management of cancer registry records, Sri Lanka National Cancer Registry (SLNCR) uses the open-source registry software tool, CanReg5, as developed by IARC. The SLNCR has received data from 25 centres located across the country. Inputted data from the respective centres was then exported from various CanReg5 systems to the main centre in Colombo. As the import to the central CanReg5 system held in the capital is manual, the records were manually modified to avoid any duplicate entries, and the quality of data was compromised. To overcome this issue, a new software tool, Rupantaran, has been created and developed by IARC Regional Hub, Mumbai to help merge the records from different centres. Rupantaran was tested and implemented successfully at the SLNCR with 47,402 merged records. The Rupantaran software has proven beneficial in maintaining the quality of cancer registry data by avoiding manual errors, thus enabling rapid analysis and dissemination, a limiting factor previously.

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