Conference Report

Celebrating oncology nursing: from adversity to opportunity. The Global Power of Oncology Nursing Conference held virtually on the 15th November 2022

9 Feb 2023
Julia Downing, Gülcan Bağçivan, Kathryn Burns, Julia Challinor, Susanne Cruickshank, Martje de Villiers, Celia Diez de Los Rios de la Serna, Myrna Doumit, Nellie Kumaralingam, Mark Lodge, Lucia Robles Mendoza, Rima Saad Rassam, Vera Samba, Elaine Tomlins, Annie Young

The Global Power of Oncology Nursing held their 3rd annual conference on ‘Celebrating Oncology Nursing: From Adversity to Opportunity’. The conference, held virtually, addressed three major nursing challenges: health workforce and migration, climate change and cancer nursing within humanitarian settings. Around the world, nurses are working in situations of adversity, whether due to the ongoing pandemic, humanitarian crises such as war or floods, shortage of nurses and other health workers, and high clinical demands leading to overwork, stress and burnout. The conference was held in two parts in order to take into account different time zones. Three hundred and fifty participants attended from 46 countries, with part of the conference being held in both English and Spanish. It was an opportunity for oncology nurses around the world to share their experiences and the realities for their patients seeking care and their families. The conference took the form of panel discussions, videos, and individual presentations from all six WHO regions and highlighted the importance of oncology nurses role in expanding beyond caring for individuals and their families, to tackle wider issues, such as nurse migration, climate change and care within humanitarian settings.

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