Conference Report

Highlights of the ‘I Congress ecancer Choosing Wisely’ March 30 and 31, 2022 Santa Cruz, Bolivia

4 Aug 2022
Ronald Limón, Lucia Reynolds, Erick Rocha, Lucia Richter, Mario Gianella, Oscar Niño de Guzman, Gerson Mejía, José Nina, Wendy Rojas, Lijia Avilés, Iván Maldonado, Cristian Pacheco, Claudio Martín, Maria G Cervantes, Federico Bakal, Eduardo Cazap

The ecancer ‘Choosing Wisely’ conference was held for the first time in Latin America in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The event had more than 150 registered attendees in addition to 22 speakers from different countries and different specialities in the field of oncology, who presented topics on prevention, oncological surgery, clinical oncology and palliative care, in order to demonstrate the current evidence of how to approach a patient in daily clinical practice based on the human resources, materials and drugs available, trying to offer the maximum benefit to the patient based on current scientific evidence. In addition to addressing issues of vital importance in breast cancer, during the 2 days of the event, updated information generated in recent years was presented, the results of which will change clinical practice. All the experts were in favour of developing strategies and methods that help us to properly select treatments to optimise resources and reduce the economic toxicity of the most modern and current treatments. This conference was an event of vital importance because it was the first face-to-face event for ecancer and the physicians after difficult years due to COVID-19.

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