Cues to cervical cancer screening and reaction to cervical cancer diagnosis during screening among women in Shai Osudoku District, Ghana

19 May 2022
Evans Osei Appiah

Introduction: Availability and access to cervical cancer screening (CCS) in less developed countries are limited as compared to developed countries. Moreover, the rise in cervical cancer fatalities and mortalities is attributed to the low patronage in CCS among women. The aim of this study was therefore to explore the cues to cervical cancer screening and perceptions of the reaction to cervical cancer diagnosis among women in Shai Osudoku District.

Methods: A qualitative approach and an exploratory descriptive design were considered by the researcher for this study. Seventeen participants in all were recruited to partake in face-to-face in-depth interviews guided by semi-structured interviews. The sampling technique employed is purposive and content analysis was used in the data analysis.

Findings: Two main themes, i.e., cues to cervical cancer screening and perception about women’s reaction to cervical cancer diagnosis, emerged. Health workers, peer influence, spousal influence, creation of awareness and reducing cervical cancer screening cost emerged as major determinants (cues) that influence women’s decision to (not to) screen.

Conclusion: The participants of this study acknowledged that their decision to (not to) screen was greatly influenced by some external factors. Hence, it is recommended that more attention be directed towards motivating and encouraging women to partake in cervical cancer screening services to help reduce fatalities.

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