Outcome of testicular non-seminomatous germ cell tumours: report from a tertiary cancer centre in eastern India

11 Mar 2021
Bivas Biswas, Deepak Dabkara, Sandip Ganguly, Joydeep Ghosh, Sujoy Gupta, Saugata Sen, Meheli Chatterjee, Archisman Basu, Satyadip Mukherjee

Non-seminomatous germ cell tumour (NSGCT) is a rare but highly curable malignancy. The literature on the management and outcomes of NSGCT is scarce from India. Here, we report the demography and treatment outcomes of NSGCT treated at our centre. This is a retrospective analysis of testicular and retroperitoneal NSGCT patients treated from March 2011 to December 2019. Patients were staged appropriately with imaging, pre- and post-operative tumour marker. Patients received stage adjusted adjuvant treatment after high inguinal orchiectomy. Patients with advanced disease were risk stratified as per International Germ Cell Cancer Collaborative Group (IGCCCG) classification. A total of 100 patients were treated with a median age of 28 years (Range: 18–51). Primary site was testis in 92 and retroperitoneum in 8 patients. Testicular violation was present in 17 (18%) patients. The stage of the disease was I in 32, II in 19 and III in 49 patients, respectively. IGCCCG risk groups were good in 29 (46%), intermediate in 13 (21%) and poor in 21 (33%) patients. Eleven patients (24%) underwent retroperitoneal lymph node dissection amongst 45 with post-chemotherapy residual disease. After a median follow-up of 26.6 months (range: 2.2–100.7), 3-year event-free survival and overall survival (OS) were 70.7% ± 5.6% and 78.2% ± 5.4%, respectively. S3 tumour marker (p = 0.01) and non-pulmonary visceral metastasis (p < 0.001) emerged as independent poor prognostic factors for OS in multivariate analysis. To conclude, testicular NSGCT has very high cure rate. Two-third patients present with advanced disease and one-third of them had poor risk disease. S3 tumour marker and non-pulmonary visceral metastasis are poor risk factors for OS.

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