Eurocan plus report: feasibility study for coordination of national cancer research activities

20 May 2008
Peter Boyle on behalf of participants to the Eurocan Plus project

The process that resulted in the submission and funding of the Eurocan+Plus Project by the 6th Framework Programme was initiated by the European Parliament.

This report summarises the key findings and conclusions of the Eurocan+Plus Project which ran between October 2005 and December 2007, and outlines proposals for action in the short and the longer term.

Participants in the Project represented themselves and not the institution where they work. The Project was in no way a formal collaboration between any governmental body, funding agency, research or medical institution of any of the 27 EU Member States. In this respect, proposals in this Summary Report and in other deliverables in no way represent a formal commitment ofany governmental or non-governmental institution for any idea proposed by the Project.

For more information on the topics developed in this report, interested readers are invited to consult the reports issued by the different Work Packages. These reports can be consulted on the Project website