Conference Report

Lessons from the first ecancer symposium on angiogenesis in gastric cancer

21 Jul 2015
Audrey Nailor, Elisabetta Dejana, Andrew R Reynolds, Shonit Punwani, Giuseppe Curigliano, Francesco Bertolini, Manish Shah, Romano Danesi, Robert Kerbel, Gordon McVie

In March 2015, ecancer hosted a symposium at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy on the topic of angiogenesis in gastric cancer.

During this meeting, leaders in the field focused on the latest research on the topic of angiogenesis in gastric cancer, delivering lectures combined with interactive question and answer (Q & A) sessions and a roundtable discussion with the meeting’s chairs. Topics covered included biomarkers, imaging, and the current state of antiangiogenic drugs in gastric cancer.

This report will provide an understanding of the relevance of angiogenesis in gastric cancer research, and clinical experiences from diverse perspectives.