Acute leukaemia in children with Down syndrome in a low middle-income country

13 Apr 2022
Rahat Ul-Ain, Mahwish Faizan, Saadia Anwar, Shazia Riaz, Alia Ahmad, Huma Zafar, Wasila Shamim

abstractDown syndrome (DS) is the commonest chromosomal disorder and is considered to be the most common syndrome associated with acute leukaemia. The objective of this study was to determine the characteristics of acute leukaemia in children with DS in Pakistan. It was a retrospective, cohort study conducted over a 2-year period, and the data was analysed in SPSS 20.0 in terms of descriptive statistics. Nineteen DS patients with acute leukaemia were enrolled. The proportion of DS-acute leukaemia was found to be 1.84% among all cases of paediatric acute leukaemia. The mean age of presentation was 5.5 years ± 4.3 SD with a male to female ratio of 1.1:1. The precursor B-cell ALL was found in 13 (68.4%) and acute myeloid leukaemia was found in 6 (31.6%) patients of DS. Thirteen patients (68.4%) completed treatment, while 6 (31.6%) expired due to treatment-related toxicity. Mean overall survival was 38 months ± 5.34 SD. The status of diagnosis of DS before presentation with acute leukaemia was the only statistically significant factor associated with the outcome. Few distinct characteristics of DS-acute leukaemia have been found in our population. Treatment toxicity was the sole cause of treatment failure.

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