Special Issue

Geriatric oncology in Mexico

15 Sep 2020
Carolina Gomez-Moreno, Haydeé Verduzco-Aguirre, Enrique Soto-Perez-De-Celis

Mexico is an upper-middle income country located in North America, with an increasing life expectancy and a growing population of older adults. Due to population ageing and lifestyle changes, the number of cancer cases amongst older individuals is expected to increase in the upcoming decades, representing a challenge to the healthcare system. The challenges for implementing geriatric oncology care in Mexico include a fragmented healthcare system, as well as the lack of geriatric training amongst healthcare professionals. In this mini-review, we present an overview of the epidemiology of cancer amongst older adults in Mexico, the Mexican healthcare system and ongoing initiatives for the development of geriatric oncology programmes in the country. In addition, we highlight the priorities for future developments in the field of cancer and ageing in Mexico, with a focus on the various stakeholders involved.