Automatic breast ultrasound: state of the art and future perspectives

23 Jun 2020
Luca Nicosia, Federica Ferrari, Anna Carla Bozzini, Antuono Latronico, Chiara Trentin, Lorenza Meneghetti, Filippo Pesapane, Maria Pizzamiglio, Nicola Balesetreri, Enrico Cassano

The three-dimensional automated breast ultrasound system (3D ABUS) is a new device which represents a huge innovation in the breast ultrasound field, with several application scenarios of great interest.

ABUS's aim is to solve some of the main defects of traditional ultrasound, such as lack of standardization, high level of skill non-reproducibility, small field of view and high commitment of physician time. ABUS has proven to be an excellent non-ionising alternative to other supplemental screening options for women with dense breast tissue; also, it has appeared to be very promising in daily clinical practice.

The purpose of this paper is to present a summary of current applications of ABUS, focusing on clinical applications and future perspectives as ABUS is particularly promising for studies involving artificial intelligence, radiomics and evaluation of breast molecular subtypes.

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