Part 3: How to test

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Published: 23 Jul 2021
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PARP inhibition in the treatment of prostate cancer

This series of animations investigates the use of PARP inhibitors for prostate cancer treatment and has been developed by Prof Phillip Cornford in association with ecancer.

'Part 3: How to Test' evaluates four different methods of cell/tissue examination that can be used to advise what treatments are suitable.

Fresh metastatic tumour biopsy is considered the best option if possible, but it can be difficult to obtain samples of sufficient quality. Therefore, another option is to use circulating tumour cell DNA analysis.

Failing these, conducting an archival biopsy could be an option for the collection a sample. If there are difficulties obtaining a tumour biopsy sample then germline testing using blood or saliva samples should be performed.

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This programme has been supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca.