ASCO 2021: Latest on PARPi and other treatments for mCRPC

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Published: 4 Jun 2021
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Dr Neal Shore and Prof Oliver Sartor

Dr Neal Shore (Carolina Urologic Research Center, Myrtle Beach, USA) and Prof Oliver Sartor (Tulane Cancer Center, New Orleans, USA) discuss the latest on PARPi and other treatments for mCRPC from ASCO 2021.

Dr Shore begins the conversation by introducing himself and Prof Sartor and then they talk about the role of PARP inhibitors for mCRPC. They talk about the efficacy of olaparib, cabazitaxel and talazoparib.

They then mention a study dealing with differential responses to taxanes and PARP inhibitors (PARPi) in ATM- versus BRCA2-mutated metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) patients.

Dr Shore also discusses the ACIS study and Prof Sartor explains the TALAPRO-2 study. In the end, Prof Sartor discusses his VISION study that has shown positive results for patients with mCRPC.

This programme has been supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca.