Highlights from ASCO 2021

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Published: 8 Jun 2021
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Dr Bishal Gyawali - Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

Dr Bishal Gyawali speaks to ecancer in an online interview to provide a roundup of noteworthy studies from the virtual ASCO 2021 meeting.

Dr Gyawali leads by talking about the OUTBACK trial, but notes that the lack of patient representation from low-middle income countries brings the relevance of the findings into question. He stresses that there needs to be an effort to include patients from low-middle countries in trials that are particularly important for these countries. With regards to the OUTBACK trial, he also notes that this is the only plenary session abstract that is publicly funded and he requests more public funding of clinical trials that help answer globally relevant questions.

He then talks about JUPITER-02, another globally relevant trial which prompts him to discuss financial toxicities and treatment pricing, before going on to talk about the VISION trial with a focus on the the control measures used. Next, he discusses three abstracts about adjuvant treatment together - namely, KEYNOTE 564, OLYMPIA and EMPOWER. He discusses the challenges of talking about and studying adjuvant therapies, and concludes by saying that overall survival data is necessary before they can be considered further. He closes by discussing the CheckMate 648 and RELATIVITY-047 trials, with a particular focus on toxicities.