UICC Breast Cancer Programme: update and opportunities

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Published: 5 Mar 2021
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Sabrina Zucchello - Grants Manager, UICC

Sabrina Zucchello speaks to ecancer about the updates and opportunities from UICC Breast Cancer Programme. She initially gives a background to the programme and on the global breast cancer burden, highlighting that WHO has called for action against breast cancer for International Women’s Day this year. The Breast Cancer programme consists of several ways to tackle and treat breast cancer in various countries.

She then talks about how UICC is positioned to tackle the programme. Ms Zucchello says that the global goal of this programme is to prevent premature deaths by breast cancer and improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients.

She provides an overview of the main outcomes of this programme to reduce the burden of breast cancer. UICC supports several organisations working for this purpose particularly in low- and middle-income countries. A six-month course has also been introduced that spreads the international recommendations for tackling breast cancer in all countries..

She says that as a part of this programme 10 breast cancer fellowships are also being introduced and it is a great opportunity for doctors and researchers from all over the world to apply for them.

UICC Breast Cancer Fellowships

To register for the weekly Fellowships Q&A (Wednesdays at 14:00 CET), to apply directly for a Fellowship or to learn more, please visit the UICC website.