The history of breast cancer diagnosis

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Published: 29 Jan 2021
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Prof László Tabár - University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden

Prof László Tabár speaks to ecancer about the talk he is presenting at this year’s virtual BGICC 2021.

It is about going back to the history of diagnosis of breast cancer. He says initially, starting from when the first case of breast cancer was reported to 1970 nothing of importance regarding treatment and diagnoses of breast cancer was seen.

But fortunately, ever since that time this field of research has advanced rapidly. He then talks about low-screen mammography and other early detection techniques.

Prof Tabár says early detection can save lives and introduce better treatment options for women. He talks about the timeline of breast cancer detection techniques and explains what the future should look like.

In the end, he concludes that the future of breast cancer detection is in multi-modality screening.