PRIME II update: Omitting radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery for older breast cancer patients

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Published: 11 Dec 2020
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Professor Ian Kunkler - University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Prof Ian Kunkler speaks to ecancer in an online interview for the virtual SABCS 2020 meeting on the 10-year results from the PRIME II study.

He explains that the study was looking at the omission of radiotherapy following breast conservation surgery in relatively low-risk older patients with HR-positive breast cancer, and whether this has an impact on local recurrence.

Prof Kunkler reports that the study found no difference in the overall survival or risk of metastasis in both groups, although risk of recurrence was higher in the non-radiated group. He concludes by commenting on the potential impact of these findings on current guidelines in the UK and US.

Read more about the study here.