Treating ALL patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Published: 15 Oct 2020
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Prof David Marks - University hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, Bristol, UK

Prof David Marks speaks to ecancer about his experience in treating ALL patients during the COVID-19 pandemic in his hospital in Bristol, UK.

He intially speaks about how the COVID-19 situation impacted his treatment of ALL patients in the hospital.

He says that regardless of the pandemic, treatment of patients cannot be delayed.

According to him, changing chemotherapy doses in an attempt to protect the patient's susceptibility to COVID is not a wise idea and he has treated his patients with the original dosage outside the hospital.

He then speaks of targeted therapies that can be used for this treatment and are easily accessible from home.

Prof Marks then speaks of transplants and the successful results he has observed even during the epidemic.

He then says that there is a very low chance that ALL patients would need to go to the ICU (which can have some of the COIVD patients there) and in this case there should  be no impediment to treating them normally.

He winds it up by giving advice on how other doctors can treat their ALL patients during these extraordinary times without further endangering them towards the COVID virus.

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