Fatigue among long-term breast cancer survivors: a controlled cross-sectional study

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Published: 8 Oct 2020
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Dr Saskia Maass- University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

Dr Saskia Maass speaks to ecancer about a controlled cross-sectional study investigating fatigue amongst long-term breast cancer survivors.

Survivors have noted fatigue and lethargy 5 years after treatment so this investigation was carried out to find out the reasons behind this complaint.

A comparison was done between women with a breast cancer history and non-breast cancer history who came to the GP with this complaint.

Dr Saskia Maass then explains the results of the study which showed that 1 out 4 women who had a breast cancer history came up with this complaint 5 and even 10 years after cancer treatment and this was also linked with anxiety and depression in some cases.

She highlights how these results can help improve the quality of life of these survivors and how further interaction with these patients can help them have a better life.