Upheaval in cancer care in Nigeria during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Published: 1 Apr 2020
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Dr Omolola Salako - University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr Omolola Salako speaks to ecancer about the need for an upheaval in cancer care during the COVID-19 outbreak with regards to the current situation in Nigeria.

She explains that due to travel restrictions the worry is that access to care will be reduced for patients and that already some hospitals are not able to take in new cancer patients.

Dr Salako explains the importance of communicating a clear message to patients, stating the importance of not being infected and encouraging self-isolation.

She also expresses the need for some clinical services to be transitioned online which would limit physical interaction between patients and care givers.

One digital health initiative is Oncopadi, a digital cancer clinic where patients can be connected to an oncologist who will answer any questions the patient may have about their situation.

Dr Salako's article 'Upheaval in cancer care during the COVID-19 outbreak' has been published with ecancer and can be found here.