Treating cancer in the heart of the Ukraine conflict

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Published: 22 Sep 2023
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Dr Maryna Kartashova and Dr Susannah Stanway

Dr Maryna Kartashova speaks with Dr Susannah Stanway about her experience working as a gynaecologist in Kharkiv, Ukraine during the Russian invasion and conflict that continues to follow.

She first explains that in 2017 she setup the cancer centre Medisense (Kharkiv) with the goal of highly qualified medical care for cancer patients and also as a training centre for doctors from all around the globe.

However since the outbreak of the war in 2022, Dr Kartashova describes the centre as 'broken' with almost all staff having moved away to escape the conflict and the centre itself suffering considerable damage.

She explains that she has learnt to live in such an unfortunate situation but that the centre really needs new medical equipment such as ultrasound scanners.

To help support people affected by cancer in Ukraine and Sudan, you can donate here.