Predicting early relapse in transplant-eligible MM patients using baseline prognostic features and MRD negativity

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Published: 17 Dec 2019
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Dr Francesca Gay - University of Torino, Torino, Italy

Dr Francesca Gay speaks to ecancer at the 2019 ASH meeting in Orlando about the FORTE study which investigated the upfront use of a carflizomib-based therapy in multiple myeloma (MM) patients who were eligible for autologous stem-cell transplantation (ASCT).

Within this study, she states that the factors related to the risk of early relapse were analysed - as it has been shown that early relapse and duration of remission are both strong prognostic factors for this patient population.

Dr Gay explains the results of the study, which showed that patients with specific baseline features has an increased risk of early relapse.

She describes these factors which were integrated and assessed using the simplified early relapse multiple myeloma score, which may help identify and predict the patients who are prone to relapse in the future.

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