Cures Within Reach: Repurposing treatments for use in low and lower middle income countries

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Published: 17 Jul 2019
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Clare Thibodeaux - Cures Within Reach, Chicago, USA

Clare Thibodeaux speaks to ecancer at the Global Health Catalyst Summit 2019 at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts about her organisation, Cures Within Reach, and its ReGRoW initiative to bring repurposing research grants to low and lower middle income countries.

Cures Within Reach aims to find treatments which have been approved and can be reused against cancer and other unsolved diseases - in particular in low and middle-income countries.

She outlines some of the barriers they have faced in this work, including centralisation and economic funding incentive.

Ms Thibodeaux rounds up by providing some examples of repurposed treatments, and her vision for the next few years.

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