Prognostic value of circulating tumour-cell count in metastatic breast cancer patients

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Published: 13 Dec 2018
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Dr Francois-Clement Bidard - Institut Curie, Paris, France

Dr Francois-Clement Bidard speaks to ecancer at SABCS 2018 about the results from the phase III STIC CTC trial, where circulating tumour-cell count was used to decide between hormone therapy or chemotherapy for patients with metastatic, ER , HER2- breast cancer.

He explains that this is important because there is a huge discrepancy in whether these treatment options are offered to a suitable patient depending on the country and clinician, so using this CTC test would provide an objective way to determine between treatments.

Dr Bidard explains the study indicated that high risk patients, patients with high CTC count, had better progression-free survival and overall survival with frontline chemotherapy.

Watch Dr Bidard's press conference here.

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