The Tenovus 'Sing for Life' choir

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Published: 28 Dec 2010
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Claudia McVie - Tenovus, Cardiff, UK
Claudia McVie talks about the history of Tenovus and the work that the organisation has done to aid the fight against cancer. The early work of Tennovus included funding research on drugs such as tamoxifen, establishing specialist oncology nurses and developing a support line for cancer patients. Tenovus has brought a choir of 78 cancer patients who will be opening the 2010 NCRI meeting. Ms McVie discusses the research, funded by Tenovus and carried out with Cardiff University, to assess how singing can be beneficial to lung cancer patients. Tenovus is also displaying their community bus at the NCRI meeting. The Tenovus bus aims to support cancer patients by going into the community to prevent patients from having to travel long distances for chemotherapy or consultations.