New patient treatment centre at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

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Published: 25 Nov 2010
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Helen Ferns - The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK

Helen Ferns speaks about the new patient treatment centre opening as part of the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester. This unit will be the largest early clinical trials unit in the world, the largest chemotherapy facility in the UK (increasing treatments from 30,000 to 38,000 a year) and will also contain The Christie Clinic, a new private patients unit run in collaboration with Healthcare America to increase income for NHS services. Ms Ferns explains how the new facility will benefit patients, facilitate drug development, talks about the capacity to offer personalised therapies and discussed the imaging technologies that are available at the centre. There is a high degree of cooperation between the research and chemotherapy teams at the new centre; this is expected to increase the level of staff expertise and consequently improve the quality of care for patients.