IMPAKT: Biomarkers from lab to practice

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Published: 27 Mar 2017
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Dr Sibylle Loibl - German Breast Group

Dr Loibl speaks with ecancer about the upcoming IMPAKT conference, which aims to provide up-to-date clinical updates in using biomarker analysis to treat cancer.

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I’m involved with the IMPAKT meeting, the IMPAKT. I’m the Chair, the Scientific Chair, of this year’s IMPAKT meeting together with Fatima Cardoso who is the Executive Chair. The IMPAKT meeting is a translational research meeting focussing on translational research in breast cancer. It’s a smaller meeting but with the advantage that you can really engage and interact with the key researchers and key opinion leaders in breast cancer. The difference to the other standard meetings, really with a focus of translational research you get an idea what’s really at the forefront of the research there and how research can be transported from the bench to the bedside. So this interaction is very important in this meeting.

Another aim of this meeting is also to attract young investigators and young breast cancer researchers. There is a pre-IMPAKT pathology workshop which is very good and which gives the people and the young researchers the opportunity to interact and do practical things and learn something for their everyday clinical and research practice.