Better doctor-patient communication needed to improve myeloma outcomes

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Published: 2 Nov 2016
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Dr Karthik Ramasamy - Oxford University Hospital, Oxford, UK

Dr Ramasamy talks to ecancertv at ICMM 2016 about the barriers to using myeloma treatments and potential ways of overcoming them.

He believes that cost is not the main barrier to patients staying on, for example, triplet combinations for more than a year.

Rather, he argues that lack of patient understanding and engagement in their treatment is the problem, brought about by inadequate communication between doctors and patients.

He says that new ways of communicating such as telephone consultations and computer-based help tailored to the individual would empower patients to learn more about their treatment, as well as report and manage side effects better.

He also notes Myeloma UK as a good quality resource for UK myeloma patients.

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