Consensus on the treatment of breast cancer and early intervention using endocrine therapy

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Published: 1 Apr 2014
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Prof Nadia Harbeck - University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Prof Nadia Harbeck talks to ecancertv at the 9th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC) about how locally advanced, primary inoperable breast cancer is treated globally and research surrounding endocrine therapy.

Harbeck is an advocate for the ABC consensus for the minimum standards for the treatment of patients with locally advanced, primary inoperable breast cancer who are not currently given the same consideration and standards of treatment as metastatic patients. Harbeck argues that access to up-front systemic therapy should be available to all patients, for the best chances or survival, and clinical practice should be standardised across all institutions.

In addition, Harbeck discusses the major phase 2 and phase 3 trials which are being undertaken in Germany by the WSG which suggest that tests can be done to determine individual patient's receptibility to endocrine therapy, which could prevent them from undergoing chemotherapy.

Though the study is in its early stages, the argument already displays promising feasibility. This will come as good news for patient wellbeing, pain control and the organisation of palliative care.

Harbeck also discusses the use of technology in doctor-patient communications and ways in which patients can be empowered through access to information and reminders surrounding treatment and wellbeing.