AKT inhibitor AZD5363 in patients with advanced solid tumours

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Published: 8 Apr 2013
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Dr Udai Banerji - Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, United Kingdom

Dr Udai Banerji  discusses the investigational drug AZD5363, which has shown activity in preclinical studies, during a press conference at the 2013 AACR Annual Meeting.

The drug was well tolerated in humans, and two patients with advanced solid tumours showed partial response. AZD5363 is a new-generation drug inhibiting the three forms of the AKT protein: AKT1, AKT2 and AKT3. It has shown promising results in several tumour cell lines and animal studies. In prior clinical trials, AKT inhibitors have almost always been tested in continuous dosing schedules, resulting in excessive toxicity.