Open Window project improves patient quality of life

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Published: 15 Jun 2012
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Dr Shaun McCann - St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Prof Shaun McCann at an EHA Press Conference about a unique art intervention trial, the Open Window project, at the 17thEuropean Haematology Association Congress in Amsterdam.


For transplant patients confined to their room for long periods, a view can make a tremendous difference to their experience in hospital.


Prof McCann’s randomised study gave patients a room with a ‘virtual window’ that would project seasonal images, works of art and other visual stimuli onto the bare walls.


The study found a major difference in the patients who had the virtual window in their room as opposed to those who had a room with no windows at all. Patients with the ‘virtual window’ showed significantly lower rates of depression and anxiety and, most importantly, their expectations of recovery were positively altered.


The Open Window project ultimately demonstrated the importance a patient’s quality of life experience in hospital and how to improve it.


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