Treatment of multiple myeloma in Singapore and Asia

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Published: 13 Mar 2024
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Prof Wee Joo Chng - National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof Wee Jon Chng talks to ecancer about the challenges encountered in managing multiple myeloma in Singapore, including delayed diagnoses, prolonged treatment durations, and accessibility issues.

He explores potential strategies to tackle these issues including raising awareness and collaborating with companies to develop patient assistance programs aimed at reducing costs, alongside help from charities and the government.

Dr Chng explains how low-cost combinations in research can also aid in offering a more affordable regimen for patients.

He continues to detail the different issues faced by LMICs in Asia regarding multiple myeloma treatment and offers his recommendations.

Furthermore he goes on to discuss CAR-T cell therapy accessibility in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

Dr Chng concludes by discussing the ongoing myeloma research currently taking place in Singapore.