Chest wall perforator flaps in breast cancer surgery: An overview

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Published: 22 Jun 2023
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Dr Sanjit Agrawal - Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, India

Dr Sanjit Kumar Agrawal speaks to ecancer about chest wall perforator flaps in breast cancer surgery.

He initially discusses what type of patients are eligible for using chest perforator flaps. For small to moderate-sized breasts, a simple volume displacement technique can be used. If the defect is moderate to large then volume replacement is used.

The chest valve perforator flap is based mainly on two artery system which is the axillary artery and the intercostal artery. Dr Agrawal further explains the vascular anatomy and anatomical landmarks for performing this type of surgery.

He explains that during surgery the intercostal branch is more suitable for a perforator flap than the muscular branch. Pre-op marking, doppler use and ICG fluorescent camera for assessing flap vascularity are important in surgery.

Dr Agrawal also shows some videos of the surgery for a better understanding of the correct surgical procedure.

He concludes by discussing the steps to whole breast reconstruction.