Complete biochemical response below 0.1 ng/ml predicts long-term therapy-free survival via PSMA-radioguided surgery

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Published: 16 Mar 2023
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Prof Tobias Maurer - Martini-Klinik Prostate Cancer Center, Hamburg, Germany

Prof Tobias Maurer speaks to ecancer about a study that evaluated if very low postoperative PSA (complete biochemical response <0.1 ng/ml) helps predict long-term oncological outcomes of salvage PSMA-RGS.

This cohort study evaluated patients with biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy and with oligorecurrent PCa on PSMA PET treated with PSMA-RGS in two tertiary care centres from 2014-2022.

The results of this study showed that complete biochemical response with a PSA below 0.1 ng/ml seems to predict long-term therapy-free survival of patients treated with salvage lymph node dissection via PSMA-radioguided surgery. 

He concludes by discussing the clinical impact of these results.